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Incomplete Circletine Animatic - mostly done by KohakuKun19
Incomplete Circletine Animatic - mostly done

Also characters featured will be RKA characters/fancharacters. but so far the only one I have in for sure is Namid who was created by KokoaMinto. :iconkokoaminto: so far the other two are just place holders. This animation will feature the entire sketch. this is just what I have done so far.

UPDATE: pretty much done with this part. The finished Animation will take a LOT longer to make. I've also added two other Rocket Knight OCs. they are listed below.

Characters: (so far)

Namid as The Mom: :iconkokoaminto:
Armor as The Dad: :iconmetalbyakko:
Kaji as the Grandpa: :iconkohakukun19:

Kids are still to be determined, but I'm thinking about using Spike for one of them. I would use Kohaku, but I'd like to use at least one other character made by somebody else. Maybe Billy.
Angry Kohaku Comic 1- Hackers by KohakuKun19
Angry Kohaku Comic 1- Hackers
ever since Christmas, some jack holes who call themselve "Lizard squad" or whatever, started DDOSing PSN and Xbox live. At least that is their claim. If you don't know what DDOSing is, it's a very simple way for novice hackers to spam and overload servers to the point of crashing. Xbox Live is up again, but for some reason PSN is still down. Reguardless if this group of wannabe hackers is responsible for this or not, they're a bunch of liars and I don't like them.

Crude impression of Lizard Squad: "Hey guys! GUYS! We need to be popular so lets crash some important gaming servers and hold it ransom for some Tweets because we suck and nobody likes us, and then make up some Bullshit about Christmas not being cheery enough to justify our hijynx!"

Sophia vs Axel by KohakuKun19
Sophia vs Axel
This was requested by :iconmagnificentsparkz: for her RKA fanfiction. You all should really give it a read, but be nice! *I'm looking at you grammer nazis*

You should be able to find it easily on her DA page.
Go on... I Dare you! by KohakuKun19
Go on... I Dare you!
It's the same thing as telling a person to be what they aren't. which in this case would be calm. The meme is really over staying it's welcome to me, and this is my way of expressing it I guess. I'm not always a cheery person, and when I'm not, I'm outright livid for a while and it's hard for me to simply "Keep Calm"

Tell me to keep calm is like telling me to smile. If there's no reason for me to do so, I'm not going to just do it. Hell sometimes when I really AM happy I actually forget to smile. (I gots the RBF *aka Resting Bitch Face*) I don't mind seeing the meme, but it gets directed to me a lot by certain people.

and stop staring at my Boobs.
I got nominated by my little sister, so here it is. Like it and Share folks

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Amber Johnson
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello Everyone. My name is Amber, and like a lot of people on Deviant Art, I am an Artist. I am also a Gamer. My ultimate goal is to finish college and become a Game Designer, and I'm about half way there. (almost have my associates in Game Design)

Until I've accomplished my goal, I have another Job, which is not at all similar. I work for the Crippled and the Elderly, taking care of them, keeping them company, Being their friend. It doesn't pay much, but it pays all the same. A job is a job, and they're hard to come by.

So if anyone wants to help me out a bit, you can hire me to do some artwork for you. :3 Know that my specialties are Animals/Monsters, People, Humanoids, and Plants. Also know that I prefer to draw in a cartoony/anime style. Here are my other conditions.

-Do not pay me until I have at least finished and submitted the artwork. (I want to ensure that the customer is satisfied with my work)
-No sexually explicit content please. (in other words, no hentai, porn, etc.)
-Payment will be accepted via Paypal (
-If you have a deadline, be reasonable, as I am a student and may not be able to complete the project within desired time. Otherwise you may want to consider asking someone else to work for you.
-If you have any art references, please share them, so I may have a better idea of what you are looking for.
-I don't mind fixing/ changing a few things here and there, but PLEASE avoid knit picking. (i.e. complaining about my art style, or being upset about the color being off by just a tinge, and other small stuff like that.)

-Make sure that any images that were taken with a CAMERA are clear enough so I can see what it is I'm working with
-If you have to take a photo of something on a TV screen, Please try to use the BIGGEST TV you have. (and avoid using a Box TV if possible, for photos of these leave dark stripes.)
-Adding to the previous rule, DO NOT SET THE CAMERA closer than 3 feet from the screen. (Esspecially for Box TVs) Closer does NOT mean better resolution.
-If you drew a reference or more and have scanned them. Make sure that the markings are dark enough for me to see them.
-No matter how you obtain these references, I must be able to see EVERY detail (ex: If you need me to draw a character with a different shoulder guard on each arm, I need to see what both shoulder guards look like. DON'T give me a picture that only shows one side of the character unless you give me a picture of each side.)

So here's what I was thinking for charges. (in USD)

Characters/Concepts: per concept (one to a page.)
Line Art: $3
Colored: $5

Concept Bundle: (5 concepts)
Line Art: $10
Colored: $15

Landscapes: (varies based on complexity)
line art: $5-$10
Colored: $10-$20

Scenes: i.e. fight scenes, romantic scenes, etc. (also based on complexity)
Line Art: $5-$10
Colored: $10-$20

Title Cards:

I have founded a group, you will see the link below. If you're wondering, it's for a petition for Konami to properly remake/release a game called Rocket Knight Adventures. (the recently released Rocket Knight doesn't really count as a remake) If you are a fan of the series and have not joined us already, I implore you to join our community and sign our petition.

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hello-i-have-not-talked-in-a-quadrillion-years-cause-life-happened-but-i-finally-have-time *GAAAAAASP*

but yes how are you nu3un
KohakuKun19 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Why hello there. :) I'm alright. and yourself?
Garrulous-Sama Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
been on and off. struggling with depression and the usual fun stuff adult life has to offer. but i guess it's to be expected.

you got any free time later? i kinda nuked my aim so i'm stalking around the chats here.
MagnificentSparkz Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Student Writer
When will you make more art just asking?
KohakuKun19 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I've been pretty busy with work lately. but I just posted a picture. Buuuut.... probably not what you may have been hoping for.
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Its me sonic_hedgie . i have just joined Deviant art today .. XD
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kon nichiwa Hedgie-san
cobra10 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Saw your sparkster in pencil sketch, if cell animation was still around amber you'd excel massively in that :) as well as animations you do on computer. 
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Saw your Rocket Knight Adventures LP on Youtube, I really enjoyed it :D
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